Much work and preparation is needed to bring you the best pony party around. Our pony is very well taken care of and loved. We always make sure he is well-fed, gets to spend time outdoors, and has a clean stall to stay in at night. He gets regular hoof trimmings, yearly vaccinations, a yearly chiropractic session and also has his teeth floated (filed down by an equine dentist). We will make sure he is well groomed and healthy when it is time for your pony ride!

     Prices are subject to change- your reservation confirmation is your rate guarantee. 

Party at our Barn:   (2 hours)

Max. 10-12 children               Miniature horse to brush                 Modern restroom

125# weight limit          Pony and/or horse available to ride             Use of party room

$175    Mon.-Thurs.

$200    Fri.-Sat.-Sun.



Clippity KLoPP     (45-60 min.)

Up to 3 children                         No weekend availability during party season





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