Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we pay?

Only Cash or Money Orders are accepted on the day of the party, camp or KLoPP.  Checks can be used for the deposit if we receive them at least two weeks before the date of the party.


How soon do I need to mail in my deposit, service contract and terms of hire?                                        

 As soon as we have confirmed a time and date, I will email you a copy of the service contract and terms of hire.  You should mail these back along with the deposit within 5 business days to hold your date.


Where are you located?

2280 Congress Lake Road Mogadore, OH 44260        Suffield Township in Portage County


 What happens if the weather is not cooperating?

If it is lightly raining, we will still do rides. We will not ride if it is thundering and lightning.  We will try to get the rides in when the weather looks the best.


When should I reserve?

Once you pick out a day and a time, call or email. We require a deposit and reservation form to confirm everything.  FYI-  Weekday parties at our barn are usually easier to schedule and are more economically priced.


Are you insured?

Yes. We also hand lead the pony and require all riders to wear helmets which we provide and they are ASTM/SEI certified. Children will be riding one rider at a time and there are no “seat belts” on the saddles. We make every effort to ensure that you have a safe party.


 Is there a weight restriction?

Yes, our pony can carry riders up to 75 lbs. (depending on their balance, etc.).  This is for the health and well-being of the pony.  Please keep this weight restriction in mind when inviting guests- this is also for the safety of the children.  I need to be able to get them off the pony quickly in case of an emergency.  We do have a horse with a weight limit of 125 lbs. that we can also use.  For children who may be over the weight limit, they are still able to brush/interact with the mini horse.


Is there an age restriction?

If we think a child is too young to properly hold onto the saddle when riding, we will have someone walk along beside them.  If you want to hold a smaller child on the pony for pictures, we can accommodate you. 


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