Pony Party Ideas

***We are not available for parties on Easter, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th holiday, or Labor Day weekend.***


Sorry, a working calendar is not available.  However, feel free to get some game ideas to keep those cowboys/cowgirls busy at your party!


 ***We have more ideas/favors/food suggestions, etc. on Pinterest.  Just search for "Kids Love Pony Parties".***

Pony Related Games


Horse-Horse-Pony      Played like Duck-Duck-Goose

Pin the Tail on the Pony

Sack Races

Three-Legged Cowboy Race     Tie legs together with bandanas

Pass the Grooming Brush      Like Hot-Potato

Ring Toss        With milk bottles and plastic rings


Cowboy Hat Toss    Try to throw hat onto cone or in bucket

Horse Round-Up     Like an Easter egg hunt but use small plastic horses for children to find

Stickhorse Relay     Ride around cones, jumps, etc.

Stomp the Flies     Tie balloons to ankles- Children run around and try to stomp each others balloons

Scavenger Hunt with Horse Items        Brush, comb, horseshoe, halter, lead rope, etc.

Sugar Stack    Give each child a pile of sugar cubes.  Set a timer.  See who builds the tallest stack.

Trainer Says      Like "Simon Says"- Make big ring out of cones.  Children walk, trot, canter, jump, etc.

Musical Hats     Children have to put on a cowboy hat when the music stops.

Pony Egg Hunt     Fill plastic eggs with pony-related items (small horses, stickers, tattoos, etc.)

Stick Horse Cake Walk     Play some cowboy music and when it stops, award prizes.



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